Statistics indicate that the mortality index for persons suffering from arterial hypertension is higher than the population suffering from cancer (approx. 8,4% vs 7,9%) and higher than the general average (approx. 3%).  A publication in « Lancet » indicates that the use of medication for hypertension seems to facilitate the spread of Covid19 in the lungs with an increased risk of fatal pulmonary consequences, which would explain the negative statistics.  What is your opinion and what is your advice for the persons suffering from hypertension?

It is true that, end of February, scientists (and especially cardiologists) have been concerned about Covid19 and the use of high blood pressure medicine blocking the renin-angiotensin axis, medication called ACE inhibitors.  Our hypertension specialist colleagues have worked on the topic and offered reassurance through the recommendations of the European and American cardiology societies.  The unambiguous message is the following: NO RISK/ESTABLISHED LINK, YOU HAVE TO CONTINUE THE USE OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE MEDECINE type ACE inhibitors.