About us ?

Association of Seniors of the European Public Service

Since October 3 2008, the Association of Seniors of the European Public Service (SEPS/SFPE) has been an “ASBL” (Non-profit association under Belgian law – n°806 839 565). SEPS is pluralist and apolitical in nature and independent of political parties, authorities, European institutions and professional associations working within and outside those institutions. SEPS is not subsidised but receives logistic support from European Institutions.

Aims and objectives

The aim of SEPS is to defend the interests of former European civil servants and other agents as well as colleagues in invalidity and, as a priority, to defend their social rights.

Defence of the essential elements of our social security

The major objective is the effective defence of the post-active members of staff’s acquired rights such as the sickness insurance system (JSIS), pensions, the method of adjusting pensions, allowances and any other relevant questions.
The Staff Regulations for officials of the European civil service make little reference to the post-active staff members. Retired staff will not be officially involved in consultations or negotiations to defend their rights until Annex II of the Staff Regulations is adapted.
SEPS has one essential aim – an ambitious one. Retired staff must be effectively represented with voting rights in the main joint committees and negotiating groups.
To be represented and informed, SEPS invites staff members still active but near to retirement and willing to defend their future rights, to become members of the Association and of the Administrative Board.
Therefore, active staff members, members of SEPS, are part of joint committees, of social dialog and of negotiations in order to be present when rules are discussed which concern the “post-active staff”.


Communication with the members is a key subject but often difficult: retired staff are living everywhere and up to 40% of retired SEPS members are not keen on using the internet. The members’ information bulletin, issued four times a year, takes this severe limitation into account: it is distributed by post.
Information meetings are held at least four times a year to allow for discussion and understanding of the major problems to be resolved. These full-day meetings, in which each member of the association has the floor, highlight the issues to be addressed.

Assistance for Members

Info an help 7/7 days : +32 (0) 475 472 470

The use of a mobile telephone number as the call centre of SEPS-SFPE, 7 days a week for almost 24hrs a day to respond to general questions and to pensioners who wish to talk about a particular problem, a rule of JSIS, to understand a position taken by a health insurance company, potential difficulties in making contact with PMO, to find a form, in the evening, at week-ends…
Often SEPS puts a question to PMO or to the Social Services in the name of one of its members (STAFF Contact on-line or directly with the settlement office, at the PMO “Welcome Forum”, with the Head of Unit “Pensions”, or with the Head of Unit “JSIS”)
This has happened for health insurances policies, survivor’s pensions, orphan pensions, divorces, …arguments can be proposed by members or an issue may become the subject of further study, or comparison or publication…

Legal assistance

Hendrik Smets, lawyer by training, is our legal adviser for questions and requests from members (Statutory rights, inheritance and fiscal law). This SEPS contribution consists of straight forward advice following examination of the problem, sometimes followed by an exchange of mail or guidance to a lawyer, potentially leading to a court case (cf WOJCIECHOWSKI case, which now constitutes jurisprudence and was recently cited in the Lobkowicz case):
European officials who have not transferred their pension rights to the Community scheme and who qualify for a partial or full pension from the Community can now introduce a request for their national pension for those years worked for a national employer.
This applies also to those who have already introduced such a request and who have, so far, been denied their national pension rights.

Duty service at N105 00/022

For members who want to ask their questions directly or by appointment, volunteer colleagues are present to answer these questions or take note of them to be able to find the most appropriate solutions within a reasonable time and provide documents / forms.

The permanences take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Training in informatics

SEPS is organising training sessions to learn how to use simple informatics tools such as tablets and smart phones so as to facilitate contact, access information, overcome loneliness… One particular objective of this training is to encourage retired colleagues to use My IntraComm and JSIS on-line.

Compared with others

SEPS is a member of the European platform of seniors’ organisations – AGE Platform Europe – a network grouping more than 140 national organisations that defend the interests of the elderly in the EU. “AGE” is financially supported by the Commission.
SEPS has also studied all the health insurance policies to supplement JSIS coverage which are offered to officials and agents of the European Institutions in order to inform and advise its members. This led to a close collaboration with Afiliatys.

Administrative Board, 2023-2025:

Petrus Kerstens (President)
Hendrik Smets (Vice-President – legal affairs)
Jean-Pierre Amond (Vice Président – Financial Aspect)
Marc Maes (Treasurer and list of members)
Luigia Dricot-Daniele (General Secretary)
Helen James (Ambassadress PMO 3)

PMO Ambassador
Helen James et Evangelos Spanoudis

Liaison SEPS-Italia  avec SEPS
Stefan Nonneman

Monique Breton, Yves Castel, Jean-Marie Cousin, Anna Angela D’Amico, Antonio Pinto Ferreira, Cristiano Sebastiani, Patrizia De Palma, Catherine Tyliacos.

You can become a member by completing the application form and paying the annual subscription of €30.
Contact Tel : +32 (0) 475 472 470 info@sfpe-seps.be www.sfpe-seps.be
– At the Council: Rue de la Loi, 175 (Office 02 40 CG 39) B-1048 BRUSSELS (Appointment)
– At the Commission: Av. des Nerviens 105 (Office N105 00/022) B-1049 BRUSSELS (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 10.00 to 15.00 or appointment)