The Vade-mecum is available in French and English.
This Vade-mecum is composed of 4 separate volumes, updated individually. They are addressed to officials of the European institutions, pensioners and active workers.
The Vade-mecum was written mainly for former officials who do not use the Internet.

A copy can be obtained from the Secretariat (tel. +32 (0) 475 472 470) or

It can also be downloaded below:

Vade-mecum I (March 2013)(Explanatory notes)
Vade-mecum II (January 2013)(Annexes relating to personal data)
(Annexes relating to insurances)
(Annexes relating to special wishes)
Vade-mecum III (Juin2023)(PMO, DG HR and Insurances)
(Addresses Complaints procedure)
Vade-mecum IV (November 2022)(Forms of the JSIS)