SFPE-SEPS Vade-Mecum


The Vademecums are available in English and French. They are aimed at officials of the European institutions, both retired and active.

They have been written mainly for former officials who do not use the Internet.

A copy can be obtained from the Secretariat
(tel. 00 32 (0) 475 472 470) de la SFPE/SEPS or info@sfpe-seps.be

It can also be downloaded below:

Vade-mecum I (March 2023)(Explanatory notes)
Vade-mecum II (March 2023)(Annexes relating to personal data)
(Annexes relating to insurances)
(Annexes relating to special wishes)
Vade-mecum III (March 2023)(PMO, DG HR and Insurances)
(Addresses Complaints procedure)
Vade-mecum IV november 2022(Forms of the JSIS)