Vademecum III en

PMO, DG HR and Insurances Addresses

Complaints procedure

Nov. 2021


The Vade-mecum is designed to inform third parties of your wishes should you be unable to do so in person:

  • Part 1 provides useful information, procedures and rules (in the event of illness, accident or death) for you or those who will have to take care of you.
  • Part 2 : Forms to be filled in
  • Part 3 : Addresses and complaints procedure
  • Part 4 : JSIS Forms

This document is intended for retired officials of the European institutions who do not have access to the internet or to My IntraComm

Most of these texts are available on MyIntraComm :

SFPE – SEPS, Council : Rue de la Loi, 175 – Office JL 02 40 CG39,  BE-1048 Brussels

SFPE – SEPS, Commission : Rue des Nerviens, 105 – Of.00/010, BE-1049 Brussels

Tel: +32 (0)475 472470   Fax: +32(0)2 2818378    

ASBL Company n°: 806 839 565      Email:       Web:

Table of contents

JSIS Social Welfare Office in Brussels

PMO 3 – JSIS Reception area for retired officials 

The permanence of  PMO/3 “Medical insurance” is at the disposal of pensioners every day  1. For Brussels :

    in the MERO building 41 Avenue de Tervuren, 1040 Brussels

For questions about JSIS  (reimbursement of medical expenses, direct billing, prior authorisation, etc).

You can access on presentation of the pensioner’s badge at the reception of the building:

from  Monday  to Friday,  from 9h30  to 13h00

This reception area is equipped with a printer and a letterbox is available for any correspondence relating to the sickness insurance.

2. For Luxembourg :            

in DRB Building B2/085 – 12 rue Guillaume Kroll – 1882 Luxembourg

from  Monday  to Friday,      – by phone from 9h30  to 12h00 (+352 4301 36100)

  • In person from 14h00 to 16h00

3. For Ispra :                           –

in JRC Building – Club House – via Esperia 329 – 21027 Ispra

Wednesday                           – from 9h30 to 12h30 (+39 332 78 57 57)


A PMO3 Permanence is also at the disposal of the pensioners in the premises of AIACE Belgium, situated in Genève Street, 1 – 1140, Evere every three weeks, on Thursday.
The colleague from PMO3 will remain at the disposal of the pensioners in order to help them solve their RCAM-related difficulties.


The social service of DG HR in Brussels is always available for the pensioners in difficulty, at :

PLB 3 – 1/P165 – 1049 Bruxelles – Tel. +32 2 29.59098

e-mail :

(see on pages 17-19)


The  “Senior’s meeting point” dedicated to pensioners in Brussels is located on the ground floor of   Avenue des Nerviens, 105 – 1040 Bruxelles  –  Of. N-105 00/38.

In this space you can find four computers with secured access to MyIntraComm and Internet, a printer, a scanner, two telephones, a photocopier and a shredder.

A letterbox is also available for you to place your requests for the reimbursement of medical expenses.

You can access it freely from Monday to Friday , from 8h30 to 17h45, on presentation of your pensioner’s badge.


In Luxembourg two Seniors spaces are available:

1 – one is located within the Commission, on the 2nd  floor of B wing of the Drosbach building (DRB B2/86) – 12 Rue Guillaume Kroll -1882 Luxembourg, open from  Monday  to Friday, from  9h30  to 12h30  and from  14h00  to 16h00, on presentation of your pensioner’s badge.

The Seniors’ Corner is equipped with two computer terminals with secure access not just to the internet, but also to the My IntraComm intranet – including Commission en direct. Should you need them, there is a printer, a photocopier, a telephone, a scanner and a shredder. For retirees using JSIS online, the scanner can prove particularly useful.

Next to the Seniors’ Corner, there is a convivial space with a coffee machine where retirees can have a chat sitting on comfortable armchairs. Here you can consult information from JSIS or from the Welcome Office.

Also, JSIS itself has its PMO-contact office in the same building (DRB B2/85, 87 and 88).

2 – The other one is located within the European Parliament, in  the Konrad Adenauer building (KAD 00C/830) – 2, Rue Alcide De Gasperi – 2929 Luxembourg.

Open from Monday to Friday, from 9h30  to 12h30 and from 14h00 to 16h30, on presentation of your pensioner’s badge.

It has a computer, printer, scanner, telephone and display stand with brochures. It is near the cafeteria, staff shop and library.



SFPE-SEPS :   Av. des Nerviens, 105  –  Of. N 00/010 – 1040 Bruxelles

(1049, postal address)  –  Tel. +32 (0)475 47 24 70.

AFILIATYS  :    Av. des Nerviens, 105  –  Of. N 00/009 – 1040 Bruxelles

(1049, postal address)  –  Tel. +32 (0)2 298 50 00.

AIACE INTERNATIONALE :  Av. des Nerviens, 105 – Of. N 00/036 – 1040 Bruxelles

(1049, postal address) – Tel. +32 (0)2 295 29 60

AIACE SECTION BELGIQUE : Rue de Genève, 1 – 1140 Evere / Bruxelles

(postal address : G-1 01/050  –  1049 Bruxelles)  / Tel. +32 (0)2 29 53842 / 29 64824


PMO Contact has become STAFF Contact :

From the 15th of May 2019 STAFF Contact has replaced PMO Contact.

This tool will contain all the information for the retired people of the Institutions and will

allow them to ask questions while offering greater level of security.

In order to be able to connect to STAFF Contact, you will need to have an EU Login account.

EU-Login Account  is the European Commission’s user authentication service which allows you to access to:

My Intracomm , the Commission’s intranet site and the “Retirees” portal, specially            created to make it easier to navigate the site =

You can also contact the PMO Pension by phone : +32 2 2978800, from Monday to Friday , 9h30 – 12h30.

JSIS on line, to manage your situation regarding sickness insurance  =

If you already had access to JSIS on line (via the former ECAS account), hardly anything will change : instead of entering your old login, you will be asked to enter your email address, which will subsequently be your unique login.

Please note that, in order to create an EU login account, you need to have a mobile phone, computer or tablet and an email address.

If you don’t have this kind of equipment, you can continue to send your mail by post  or

to leave it directly to MERO, Av. de Tervuren 41 – Brussels

(see page 8 of this Vade-mecum).

But, anyway, you will always receive information directly concerning you in paper form: administrative information, specific information, Info Seniors, VOX bulletin, etc..

If you don’t have an EU Login account (formerly ECAS account), you can create one with the help of the operating manual sent you in October 2016, which is also available on the AIACE website  (click on ‘Services’ – ‘RCAM on line’ – ‘How to create an EU login account’).

+ email :

You can have assistance with the JSIS Online application by ECAS account helpdesk :  

In Brussels : Building MERO, Av. de Tervuren 41, Monday-Friday: 9h30–13h00

Tel. +32 2 29.76888 or 76888 (+ help EU login)

In Luxemburg : Building DROSBACH, DRB B2/085, Monday-Friday: 9h30-12h30

Tel. +352 4301.36100.

In Ispra : Club House Ispra – Sala delle Rose, on Wednesday: 9h30-12h30

Tel. +39 0332 783030.

If you don’t have a mobile phone, smartphone, PC or tablet, you can continue to send your paper request by post (see page 8 of this Vade-mecum), or drop them off at the MERO BUILDING, Av; Tervuren, 41 – 1040 Brussels. You will also continue to receive administrative information, ad hoc information and various bulletins in paper format.

Annex BA – Welcome offices and Departure Desks

A welcome and information service of DG Human Resources and Security (unit HR.B.1: Ethics, rights and obligations).

  • Provides general administrative information about the Commission (attestations, information on working conditions, pensions, sickness, holidays, etc.) and provides the coordinates of the relevant service which is likely to be able to assist on specific individual issues;
  • Provides practical advice on finding accommodation (assistance in finding accommodation, for removals and for understanding rental contracts, by appointment);
  • Operates an accommodation service;
  • Provides free legal advice on issues relative to your private life, only by appointment (not a help-desk) with a legal adviser;
  • Provides general information on life in Brussels (leisure and cultural activities, communication, schools, etc);
  • Organises activities to assist civil servants and their families to integrate;
  • Offers a service for legalising signatures (for example, in the case of authorising a child to leave the territory).  The document will need to be signed at the Bureau d’Accueil and an official document bearing your signature (e.g. passport, identity card, etc) will need to be presented;
  • Offers a service for the certification of copies of an original document (please note that you will need to bring the original document and make the necessary copies at the Bureau d’Accueil. The number of copies to be certified in this fashion should remain limited).

Welcome office in Brussels

PLB 3 (rue Philippe Le Bon 3, first floor) open space – 1049 Bruxelles

  • Telephone : +32 (0) 2 29.66600

Service Cards Office (badges): PLB 3 / P083(1049Brussels)

Welcome office in Luxembourg

Bât. Drosbach – DRB B2/085 / 12, rue Guillaume Kroll – L-1882  Luxembourg

Welcome Office in Ispra

JRC – Club House – Via Esperia 329 – I-21027 Ispra (Varese)

  • Telephone: +39 0332.785757
  • Monday to Friday: 9h30 – 12h00

Departure DeskDeparture Desk – Point of contact for retiring staff

Bruxelles PLB 3 – first floor – Tél. +32 2 (0)29.66600 / e-mail :

Bruxelles: PLB 3 first floor /Tel. +32 2 29.666600 / e-mail:

Luxembourg: DRB A1/001 / Tel. +352 4301.33000 / email:

Ispra : Bld 2 -1° étage, TP 018 / Tel.+39 0332.786464 / email :

Annex P. 1- Addresses of the PMO Services

PMO services in Brussels 

Building MERO – Av. De Tervuren, 41 – 1049 Brussels

PMO Contact on line :

PMO Director :  Alexander GEMBERG WISIEKE – MERO 09/P074 –  Tel: +32 (0)2 29.60882

Secretariat : Tel: + 32 2 29.87029

Unit PMO.3 – Sickness and accident insurance (JSIS)

Head of Unit : Adriana LEROY –      MERO 05/P031  –  Tel: +32 (0)2 29.67255

Deputy Head of Unit: Francis RIGON – MERO 05/P031 – Tel. + 32 (02) 2 29 98188

Secretariat : Tel. +32 2 29.55632  (Monday-Friday: 9h00 – 12h30) – (Visits only by appointment)

Unit PMO.4 – Pensions and transferts 

Head of Unit :  Anna Maria SILVANO  – MERO 06/P031-  Tel: +32 (0)b2 29.94963

Contacts – New single telephone number :  +32 (0)2 29 78800   (Monday-Friday: 9h30 – 12h30)

(Visits only by appointment)

E-mail address : (for old age/invalidity pensions)

                            (for survivor/orphan pensions)

Postal  address :

  • For claims for reimbursement of medical expenses, prior authorisations, dental estimates and applications for recognition of a serious illness to be sent to PMO 3

JSIS BXL (Settlement Office and other offices) :

European Commission

JSIS – Brussels – MERO – Av. de Tervuren, 41

1049  Brussels

  • For documents to be sent to PMO 4 (proof-of-live certificate, etc.) :

European Commission

PMO Pensions – MERO – Av. de Tervuren, 41

1049  Brussels

PMO services in Luxembourg

European Commission
PMO.5  –  DRB B2/085


G.D. Luxembourg                                  

PMO – Ispra (Joint Research Centre)

CCR – Commissione Europea

PMO. 6 (TP 018)
Via E. Fermi, 2749
I – 21027 Ispra (Varese)


Annex P.2 – Settlements offices, medical advisers, applications for direct billing …

How to identify your settlements office to which
you send your claims for reimbursement of medical expenses
Your place of work (for active staff) is:
Your place of residence (for retired staff) is:
settlements office is:
Luxembourg All active staff and accredited assistants of the E.P.
The Netherlands
United Kingdom
All Delegations outside EU
Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Cyprus
Estonia Finland
Sweden Council staff in active service
All other countries not mentioned above


Council of  the European Union

General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union

Rue de la Loi 175 –  1048 Bruxelles                                                                 

Tel +32 2 281.6111


Brussels settlements office

The settlements office is at building MERO – Av. de Tervuren, 41 – 1049 Brussels

JSIS Help-desk : +32 2 29 96888  (from Monday to Friday, 9h30 – 12h30)

Web portal PMO Contact (see page 6) :

  • Please post your claims for reimbursement and applications,prior authorization and recognition of serious illness to:

European Commission

Settlements Office PMO.3

MERO – Av. de Tervuren, 41
B – 1049 Brussels

  • Address where to leave refunding requests and prior authorizations, with forms, envelopes and copy machines available :

Building MERO – ground floor

Av. de Tervuren, 41

1049 Brussels

  • Application JSIS Online for reimbursement request  :

Settlements Office (JSIS PMO.3.001)

Call n.  00 32 (2) 29 97777

Membership team Certificates of insurance cover for you and your family :

Tel. +32 2.29.63863 / 90985 / 58087

Flemish Commmunity certificates : Tel. +32 2 29.58037

MERO 03/P011   (from Monday to Friday, 9h30 – 12h30)

You can get cover certificates via JSIS Online :

SERVICES (by appointment) :

Medical Advisers/Dental Advisers/Reimbursements/Prior authorizations/Estimates :

Tel. +32 2 29.97777 / 93867 / 94801

Secretariat : Tel  +32 2 29.81379

(Monday-Friday, 9h30 – 12h30) Request on line :

Direct billing for hospitalization; approved medical institutions  

(Monday-Friday, 9h30 – 12h30)  –  Tel  +32 2 29.59856 /  29.64162  /  Fax 32 2 2959701

e-mail :

Advances  concerning high medical expenses

Tel +32 2 29. 59856 / 80924  –   Requests on line :

Preventive medicine (screening examinations); appointments for Brussels, Luxemburg, Ispra and all other places of residence –  (9h30 – 12h30)

Tel +32 2 29.53866   /    Fax +32 2 2959701

Accidents / Occupational diseases: Tel. +32 2 29.29.97777

Head of Sector: Tel. +32 2 29.57795

In case of death of a pensioner

Inform Unit PMO.4  –  Pensions  : Tel : +32 2 29.52017 / Fax : +32 2 2965373

or  PMO Contact : Tel + 32 2 29.7777 –

In case of need, social workers are available for the families :

Social services : Tel : +32 2 29.59098 / Fax : +32 2 2979898

(9 :00-12:00 / 14:00-17:00)

Funeral expenses / Garde malades / Handicapés
Tel +32 2 29.52017 /  29.60552  /   Fax +32 2 2965373

PMO Contact : +32 (0)2 29.97777

Special refunding along Art 72§3

Tel +32 2 29.78668 / 29.51415  /   Fax +32 2 2958431

JSIS Customer Service  –  Front Office

Support and advice in the context of relations with affiliates – Support and processing of requests

Tel +32 2 29.95937/ 96139 / 80924

Head of Sector : Roberto ROTTER – Tel. +32 2 29.57853

Team Leader : Anita OLSEN – Tel. +32 2 29.69204

N.B.: addresses (and phone numbers) are generally indicated on the forms to be used in each particular case (part 4, Annexes M).

Luxembourg Settlements Office

European Commission
Health Insurance
12, rue Guillaume Kroll

Of.DRB  B1 /061
L – 2920 Luxembourg

Tél. +352 4301 36100  Opening hours :

Monday to Friday, from 9h30 to 12h30 (on the phone

from 14h00 to 16h00 (visitors), without appointment

Please post your claims for reimbursement, estimate of dental treatment or application for prior authorization to :

European Commission 

Health Insurance – Settlements Office PMO 5

DRB B1/061

L – 2920 Luxembourg

Head of the Settlements Office – PMO 5/003

Ellen JORGENSEN – DRB B1/075    –   Tel. +352 4301.34443

e-mail :

  • Reimbursement / account sheet
    Monday to Friday from  9h30 à 12h30
    Tel: + 352 4301 36100
  • Membership / coverage
    Monday to Friday from  9h30 à 12h30
    Tel: + 352 4301 37201 / 36015 / 30160
  • Medical autorisation requests (dental estimate / prior authorization / serious illness recognition)
    Monday to Friday from  9h30 à 12h30
    Tel: + 352 4301 37843 / 35428 / 34513 / 32350
  • Direct billing
    Monday to Friday from  9h30 à 12h30
    Tel: + 352 4301 36103
  • Health screening program
    Monday to Friday from  9h30 à 12h30
    Tel: + 32 2 295 38 66

For information:
Tel : +352 / 4301.36100   (Monday – Friday, 09h30 – 12h30)

Fax: +352 / 4301.36019

Medical officers:

  • Dr S. EDLE VON HOESSLE – Tel:32588
  • Dr A. S. MADEIRA – Tel: 32588
  • Dr F. VERBEKE – Tel: 32588
  • Dr A. MESBAH – Tel: 32588


  • Dr  – Tel: :32588


  • Dr. M. MOLZ-KROLL – Tel: 33948 (for making an appointment)


  • Ms M. FACILE – Tel: 32595/3258
  • Ms I. PISSINGER – Tel: 32605/32588
  • Ms A. FRANO PASTOR – Tel: 33585/32588
  • Ms B. VAN GOSSUM – Tel:34207/32588
  • Ms S. GOMRI – Tel: 32010/32588
  • M. L.-N. MUGENZI – Tel: 32010/32588

Psychosocial assistance

Read more about psychosocial assistance services.

Reception and guidance

Contact: Iris VORWERK-JUNGERS (administrative assistant, home help files)
Office: DRB B-1/031
Tel: 4301-33948

Social workers

Contact: Giovanna AGNELLO (social worker with further training in short-term strategic therapy)
Office: DRB B-1/044
Tel: 4301-32634

Administration (Drosbach)

Mr D. HEER – Tel: 32588
Mr L. USAI – Tel: 35896
MS M. VERESS – Tel: 31480

Funeral expenses 

DRB-B1-064  –  Tel +352-4301.36330  or   DRB  B1/067  –  Tel +352 4301.34834   

Fax +352 4301.36019

Request on line :

Special refunding (Art 72§3)

DRB-B1/067  – Tel  +352 4301.34834  /  Fax  +352 4301.36019

Request on line :

Please refer to the specific addresses given on the request forms (usually on the reverse) in the M series annexes, part 4.

Ispra Settlements Offices

Permanence : Via Esperia. 329 – 21027 ISPRA

Welcome Office retired staff : Club House ISPRA – 1st floor

Opening hours : Wednesday, from 9h30 to 12h00, without appointment

By post :

RCAM – Commissione europea

PMO/6 – Ufficio Liquidatore TP 740

Via E. Fermi, 2749

I – 21027 ISPRA (Varese) – Italy

Head of the settlements office

BALTIMANE Ilze – IPR- 73 00/04 –  Tel +39 0332.786379

Secretariat  : IPR-73 00/023 / Tel +39 0332.785245   / Fax +39 0332.785479

Reimbursement / account sheet / coverage

Tel +39 0332.785757    /  Fax +39 0332.785479                (Mon-Fri : 9h30 – 12h30)   

Request on line :

Membership eligibility / Attestation
Tel +39 0332.783030 / +39 0332.789454 / +39 0332.789574       (Mon-Fri : 9h30 – 12h30)

Fax +39 0332.785479      

 Request on line :

Prior authorization; serious illness; dependence

Tel +39 0332.786540 / +39 0332.785757 / +39 0332.789574   (9h30 -12h30)

Fax +39 0332.785479      

Request on line :

Medical adviser – Dental adviser      Secretariat : Mon-Fri  9h30 – 12h30)

Tel +39 0332.785757 /  +39 0332.789574  – Fax +39 0332.785479          

Request on line :

Direct billing (hospitalisation) / Avances          (9h00-12h30)

 PMO/06 – IPR-74    –    Tel +39 0332.789966  / +39 0332.789793     /     Fax +39 0332.789423

Email :

Request on line :

Hospital, clinic billing, funeral expenses    

Elisa DELLA CHIESA  – Ufficio liquidatore  – Bât.IPR 74-00/005

Tel +39 0332.786664 /  +39 0332.785757 / +39 0332.785629   /   Fax +39 0332.789423

Request on line :

Screening examinations :See Brussels (Tel +32 2 29 53866)

Special refunding  Art 72§3 :

Tel +39 0332.785757  /  +39 032.786664  /  Fax  +39 0332.785479

Request on line :

Please refer to the specific addresses given on the request forms (usually on the reverse) in the M series annexes, part 4.

Annex P 3.  Contacts in case of Accidents and professional illnesses

For the Commission (including the Joint Research Centers and the Agencies), the European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions and the Court of Auditors, please contact the sector dealing with accident and professional illnesses insurance (officials from other institutions should contact their own administration).

Be aware: EC accident insurance covers active officials only .

{ A specific accident insurance can be subscribed by the pensioners : Individual Accident Group Insurance  AIACE – CIGNA  (see page 20)  :    –  e-mail: 


Written contacts:

By E-mail :
                    or through the internal address-book =

By Post:  European Commission
               Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme –  Accidents and Occupational Diseases Sector

                Avenue de Tervuren, 41 /  B – 1049 Brussels

Telephone contacts:

 Accident and Occupational Illness Insurance Sector (submission of reports and requests)
General number : +32-2-29 60595

Contact Persons  (PMO 3/002) :

  • Sector dealing with accident and occupational disease insurance

Head of Sector : Kathleen HERNALSTEEN – MERO 05/P014

Tel: +32 2 29 92563

E-mail : Kathleen HERNALSTEEN

Team Leader : Sandrine PALIARD – MERO 05/P001

Tel: +32 2 29 20850 / 29 80476  –  E-mail :

  • Appointments – MERO 05/P014 – Tel: +32 2 29 84265  /   +32 2 29 51482
  • Direct billing / hospitalization / Advances – MERO 04/P073

Tel. +32 2 29.71828/ 29.52280 / 29.55106

Annex P 4 – Pensions / Allowance

For all questions concerning your pension file, please contact the official             dealing with your file indicated on the pension slip.

The Pensions Unit of PMO has created two new single functional e-mail boxes : (for old age/invalidity pensions) (for survivor/orphan pensions)

From 1sr of October 2018, a new single telephone number is available for the pensioners’ questions :   +32 2 2978800  (from Monday to Friday, between 9h30 and 12h30).

The “Contact Pensions” is also available for widows and orphans.

Written correspondence :  You can send your documents by the internal delivery service, or by post to :

European Commission
Pensions Unit  

MERO – Av. de Tervuren, 41

B-1049 Brussels

Annex P5 – Dependence insurance of the Flemish Community

(There is a mandatory subscription charge for all persons over the age of 25 who live in Flanders)    Of. :  MERO 03/P011  –  Tel : +32 2 29.58037    (from 9h00 to 12h30)                              Fax : +32 2 2952039  –  E-mail:

If you are a civil servant, a temporary agent, a contractual agent or a pensioner, you are covered by the JSIS at the primary level, you can be exempted from this charge (as also your spouse/partner and all persons over the age of 25 dependent on you, if they are also covered by JSIS at the primary level). If you have an ECAS account, you can find more information in PMO-Contact :, or contact your Settlement Office (see page 11).

You will receive a document to be completed and signed, which you will need to send to the Vlaamse Zorgkas to close your exemption file.

Annex DG HR and Social Services

DG Human Resources and Security (DG HR) 

Director General :  MrsGertrude INGESTAD   

L107 21/007 –  Tél +32 (0) 2 29-90515

Secretariat : L107 21/DCS  –  Tél +32 (0) 229-56963

Social Service  (DG HR.D) 

The role of the Social service at the Commission is to offer social help to pensioners in difficulty and help them adapting to the changes in their life after retirement.Be aware that you have certain rights as a pensioner in the place where you settle down.  You might not yet be concerned about doing your daily shopping, cleaning or other every day chores but, if the day arrives when you need some extra help, the local pension or social service where you live, may provide these and other services for you.Should you, however, find yourself in a particularly difficult situation concerning  health issues, illness, financial difficulties, disability, bereavement, or conjugal difficulties, please contact us to see if we can propose a solution.

HR.D – Direction Health & Wellbeing – Working conditions :

Director : Mr Christian ROQUES   /  L107 14/007    –  Tel: +32 2 29.95079

HR.D1 – Social Policy Unit – Working conditions & Wellbeing :

Head of Unit : Mr Koen BINON   /   L107 14/DCS   –  Tel : +32 2 29.80669    

HR.D3 – Medical service – Brussels

Head of Unit : Octavian PURCAREA / BRE2 06/499 – Tél +32 (0)2 29.87704

HR.D4 – Medical service  – Luxembourg

Head of Unit : : KLIMATHIANAKI Maria / DRB – B1/048 – Tél +352 4301.32592 

HR.D5 –  Medical service  – Ispra

Head of Unit : Italo LOMBARDI / IPR-4 00/007  –  Tel. +39 0332.786775

Harassment: Tel.: +32 2 29.56666  –   Email:

Social and psychological assistance for pensioners

Social Service Contacts DG HR-Brussels  :


PLB 3 01/P165 – 1049 Brussels  (only by appointment) 

Tel.+32 2 29.59098  (from 9:00 to 12:00  and from 14:00 to 16:00)  

Email : 

The services assist pensioners who reside in the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden and in all countries not served by Social Services in Ispra and Luxembourg.

Make an appointment:

Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

1040 Brussels

Tel: 0032 2/29 59098 (9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.)


Relations with retired staff (DG HR.D1.002) :

Team leader :

Alan LENGLET   (EN, FR, NL)  PLB 3 01/P165 – 1049 Brussels

Tél  +32 2 29.62579 – Email :

Administrative assistant :

Andreea  DANULESCU   (FR, EN, RO)    PLB 3 01/P165 – 1049 Brussels

Tel +32 2 29.94185 – Email :

Information and communication assistants :

  • Virginie SINTOBIN   (FR, EN, NL)    PLB 3 01/P165 – 1049 Brussels

Tel. +32 2 29.65624 / 59098  – Email :

Social workers:

(only demands related to a disability of a family member of a pensioner)

  • Ines CARREIRA (PT, EN, FR, NL)  –  PLB 3 01/P165 – 1049 Brussels

Tel  +32 2 29.75525  –  Email :

  • Aenea VANDE WALLE   (FR, NL, EN)  –  PLB 3 01/P165 – 1049 Brussels

Tel  +32 2 29.50125  –  Email :

Social Service Contacts DG HR – Luxembourg  (DG HR.D.4) :

For retired staff who have their residence in the following countries: Germany – Austria – Luxembourg

DG HR.D.4 – Information :   Email :

                                  Tel  +352 4301 33948 (general) – Fax +352 4301 31067           

Secretariat :


Social workers :Giovanna AGNELLO    –   DRB B1/044
Tel +352 4301.32634   –   Email:

Social Service Contacts DG HR – Ispra  (DG HR.C.5)  :

For retired staff who have their residence in the following countries : France – Spain – Ireland – United Kingdom – Netherlands – Switzerland – Italy

Secretariat : Tel  +39 0332.789081  –  Fax 39 332.789284

e-mail :

Medical Service  – Tel +39 0332.789965 / Fax +39 0332.789051

Social service Unit at the COUNCIL of the European Union

Contact office for pensioners :

Social workers :

Social service at the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT

E.P. Social assistance team in Brussels :

Contact :  –

                Tel. +32 2 28.31300                                 Tel. + 32 2 28.42123

  • William O’BRIEN   –  Tel +32 2 28.43575  –  Of. ASP 02F254

Email :

  • Jérôme TREFOIS  –  Tel +32 2 28.41480  –  Of. ASP 02F252

Email :

  • Victoria SAID  DEBATTISTA  –  Tel. +32 2 28.42937  –  ASP 02F250

Email :    

E. P. Social assistance team in Luxembourg :

Secretariat : Tel +352 4300.22590  –  Fax +352 4300.22163

  • Christiane LEHNBERG  – Tel +352 4300.22495 –  Of. KAD 01F005

Email :

  • Juergen SCHMID – Tel +352 4300.27631 – Of. KAD 01F002

Email :

  • Sandra VALADAO TOSTE –  Tel +352 4300.22591  –   Of. KAD 01F006


Social Service of the E.E.S.C.

Email:   /   Fax +32 2 546 96 01

Isabelle DELAIRE  – Tel: +32 2 546.9450  –  Email :

Social Service of the COMMITTEE OF THE REGIONS

Email :  /   Tel : +32 2 282.2363  /  Fax +32 2 2822408

Anna  Maria VANHOYE – Tel: +32 2 282.2598 – Email:

Assistance offered by AIACE

Help-desk – Karine POLLENUS/ Tel : +32 2 29.53842   ou   29.64824  (in the morning)

Fax +32 2 29.95289  –  Email :

Annex ACA – List of health insurances  and accident insurances

 Supplementary cover for hospitalization / surgical operations

A serious operation with subsequent long-term rehabilitation (in hospital) and care can prove expensive: some tens of thousands of euros. In these circumstances, it can be necessary to have some back-up cover, especially if it enables you to go over the JSIS ceilings.

As from 01.01.2015, there are 2 collective insurance policies and 4 individual policies, well documented, available to retired Commission staff affiliated to the JSIS (all of them private but linked to JSIS rules), limited to hospitalization care :

  • HOSPI SAFE by Allianz Care;  negotiated by Afiliatys.
  • HOSPITALIZATION by Cigna  (BCVR 8673), negotiated by AIACE.
  • EURPRIV SANTE by Cigna (BCVR 8672)
  • EUROSANTE Option  « Tranquillité » by Worldwide Care Allianz DE / Concordia / Vanbreda Risks and Benefits / introduced by Union Syndicale and Save Europe.
  • EUROHOSPI  by Santalia / EAS, introduced by R&D.
  • EUCARE HOSPI  by Santalia / WYR, introduced by FFPE.
  • ELP GOLD EU – option 1  by Expat & Co, introduced by FFPE.

More extensive supplementary cover: hospitalization / surgical

operation / certain out-patient expenses / dental care / eye care /etc.

There is one collective insurance policy and five individual policies available to EU Institutions staff affiliated to the JSIS2. They cover more than hospital care:

  • HOSPI SAFE PLUS  negotiated by AFILIATYS with Allianz Care.
  • DKV EU Plus  by the FFPE with DKV Lux., WYR and SE with INS consult.
  • EU HEALTH  by Foyer Global Health, Luxemburg (introduced in a independent way)
  • EUROSANTE Option « Optimum » by Worldwide Care Allianz DE / Concordia / Vanbreda Risks and Benefits / INS consult, introduced by Union Syndicale and Save Europe.
  • EUROSANTE + introduced by R&D with Santalia and EAS Brussels.
  • EU CARE + introduced by FFPE with Santalia and WYR SCRL Brussels.
  • ELP GOLD EU introduced by FFPE with Expat & Co and WYR SCRL Brussels.
  • EURPRIV PLUS from Cigna similar to HOSPI SAFE PLUS.

Accident  cover

Medical care costs due to an accident, are covered by the JSIS and the top insurances as if they were an illness (reimbursement 85 % or 80 %).

Specific accident insurance is necessary for 100% coverage, independently of the supplementary health insurances, in case of accident and to receive a lump sum in the event of invalidity or death when the accident insurance provided by the Staff Regulations is not available (retired staff or staff in invalidity).

Such a specific accident insurance for pensioners by AIACE (Insurance company: Cigna is also available for colleagues in invalidity.


1 Cigna = ex Vanbreda International

2  EAS/ASSOR insurance was stopped by ASSOR in December 2012. EAS will try to propose a new policy early 2013

Changing insurance company for Hospi Safe

The framework contract which governs the insurance policy Hospi Safe (Cigna-Allianz BE) has ended on 31.12.2019.

A public procurement procedure was lunched by Afiliatys at the end of February 2018 in order to ensure the continuation of this complementary health insurance, Hospi Safe, for the 24,000 present subscribers.

The closure of the procedure took place at the end of April and was concluded as follows:

Hospi Safe the insurance policy proposed by Afiliatys.

Allianz Care(1) is the insurance company to manage this policy in replacement of Cigna, since January 1st  2020.


‘AFILIATYS’ « Hospi-Safe » and « Hospi-Safe Plus » policies                       

Policy Allianz Care

Reference  :

Also: Vanbreda Risk and Benefits, “Bureau Eurinsurances”, rue Stévin, 144 (behind the

Berlaymont) – 1000 Bruxelles

Tel: 02/230.16.60

‘AIACE’  «Hospitalization»  policies                 

Policy  Allianz  Belgium n° BCVR – 8673

Reference :

A file on supplementary health and accident insurances, prepared by SEPS-SFPE is available upon request at the secretariat.


(1)Allianz Care (AWP Health and Life) Allianz Partners, Place du Samedi, 1 – BE  1000 Brussels

Annexes R – Complaints

Annex R1 :  REQUEST (Art. 90§1)[1] , COMPLAINT (Art. 90§2) 1, REQUEST (Art. 24) 1

Cover form to be sent in one single copy to the “Appeals and Case Monitoring” Unit

(DG HR.E.2) by e-mail to the operational mailbox :

Surname and first name[2] : ………………………………………………………………………………………
Pers. /Pension No.: ………………………………………………………….. Grade: ………………..…….…
Institution: ……………………..….. DG/Service (for the Commission): ……………………….
Office address: ……………………………………………………Tel…………………………….…………………..
Private address (if you are retired): ………………………………………………………………………………..
Email address: …………………………………………………
Brief purpose/subject: …………………………………………………………………………………………………..
Decision challenged [3]  (only in the case of a complaint):……….…………………..………

I attach for registration my request/complaint.

Date and signature: ………………………………………………………………


N.B.: The procedure for the treatment of requests and complaints was published in Administrative Notice No 79-2013 of 19.12.2013. You should receive a reasoned decision within four months of the date of submission of the request/complaint. If you do not, your attention is drawn to the periods set out in Articles 90 and 91 of the Staff Regulations.

Annex R2 – “Appeals and Case Monitoring” Unit

Should you be unable to find a suitable solution, the “Appeals and Case Monitoring” Unit may provide you with the necessary information and guidance.

The Unit has lawyers specializing in public service law whose main task is to process requests and complaints under Articles 24 and 90 of the Staff Regulations.

Callers will be given information on procedural matters, including how to file requests or complaints, or the departments responsible for certain decisions, as well as on legal matters.

The Appeals Unit will not, however, as part of the help desk service, compile files or examine any documents which callers might subsequently include in an Article 90 request or complaint.

Contacts :

  • Tel : +32-2-29.66662; the line is open from 09:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 17:00   
  • Fax: +32 2 2991132 or +32 2 2950039
  • E-mail :
Lars ALBATH Chef d’unitéBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 69401 Langues: allemand, anglais, français, néerlandais
Carmen Bobei Chef d’unité adjointBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 86520
Langues: roumain, anglais, français
Nadine MEURISSE AssistanteBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 65013 Langues: français, anglais, espagnol, italien, portugais
Laurence MOURAUX AssistanteBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 66812 Langues: français, anglais
Christine PATRON AssistanteBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 87830
Langues: français, néerlandais, anglais
Georgia POULIAKIS AssistanteBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 98237 Langues: français, grec, espagnol, anglais
Nele VANHOEYVELT Secrétaire d’unitéBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 64253 Langues: néerlandais, français, anglais, espagnol    
  Paola CASTALDO Juriste  Bureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 82025 Langues: italien, anglais, français
  Celien COLTURA JuristeBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 89275 Langues: néerlandais, anglais, français, allemand
Joseph DAMAMME JuristeBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 84317 Langues: français, anglais, allemand, espagnol, italien
Sabela PEREZ MAIZ JuristeBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 80783 Langues: espagnol, français, anglais, italien, portugais, néerlandais
Stephanie MICHIELS JuristeBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 50244 Langues: français, anglais, néerlandais
Florence THIRION JuristeBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 89279 Langues: français, néerlandais, anglais, espagnol
Olga TYTON JuristeBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 65135 Langues: polonais, allemand, anglais
Kristina WITTKOPP JuristeBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 89269 Langues: allemand, anglais, français, italien
Niki XENIDOU JuristeBureau: L107/20
Tél: +32 2 29 81529 Langues: grec, anglais, français, italien, allemand

Annex R3 – Articles 24, 90 & 91 of the Staff Regulations

Article 24

The Communities shall assist any official, in particular in proceedings against any person perpetrating threats, insulting or defamatory acts or utterances, or any attack to person or property to which he or a member of his family is subjected by reason of his position or duties.

They shall jointly and severally compensate the official for damage suffered in such cases, in so far as the official did not either intentionally or through grave negligence cause the damage and has been unable to obtain compensation from the person who did cause it.

Article 90 (1)

1. Any person to whom these Staff Regulations apply may submit to the appointing authority a request that it take a decision relating to him. The authority shall notify the person concerned of its reasoned decision within four months from the date on which the request was made. If at the end of that period no reply to the request has been received, this shall be deemed to constitute an implied decision rejecting it, against which a complaint may be lodged in accordance with the following paragraph 2.

Article 90 (2)

2. Any person to whom these Staff Regulations apply may submit to the appointing authority a complaint against an act adversely affecting him, either where the said authority has taken a decision or where it has failed to adopt a measure prescribed by the Staff Regulations. The complaint must be lodged within three months. The period shall start to run:

– on the date of publication of the act if it is a measure of a general nature;

– on the date of notification of the decision to the person concerned, but in no case later than the date on which the latter received such notification, if the measure affects a specified person; if, however, an act affecting a specified person also contains a complaint against another person, the period shall start to run in respect of that other person on the date on which he receives notification thereof but in no case later than the date of publication;

– on the date of expiry of the period prescribed for reply where the complaint concerns an implied decision rejecting a request as provided for in paragraph 1.

The authority shall notify the person concerned of its reasoned decision within four months from the date on which the complaint was lodged. If at the end of that period no reply to the complaint has been received, this shall be deemed to constitute an implied decision rejecting it, against which an appeal may be lodged under article 91.

Article 91

1. The Court of Justice of the European Communities shall have jurisdiction in any dispute between the Communities and any person to whom these Staff Regulations apply regarding the legality of an act adversely affecting such person within the meaning of Article 90(2). In disputes of a financial character the Court of Justice shall have unlimited jurisdiction.

2. An appeal to the Court of Justice of the European Communities shall lie only if:

– the appointing authority has previously had a complaint submitted to it pursuant to Article 90(2) within the period prescribed therein, and

– the complaint has been rejected by express decisions or by implied decision.

3. Appeals under paragraph 2 shall be filed within three months. The period shall begin:

– on the date of notification of the decision taken in response to the complaint;

– on the date of expiry of the period prescribed for the reply where the appeal is against an implied decision rejecting a complaint submitted pursuant to Article 90(2); nevertheless, where a complaint is rejected by express decision after being rejected by implied decision but before the period for lodging an appeal has expired, the period for lodging the appeal shall start to run afresh.

4. By way of derogation from paragraph 2, the person concerned may, after submitting a complaint to the appointing authority pursuant to Article 90(2), immediately file an appeal with the Court of Justice, provided that such appeal is accompanied by an application either for a stay of execution of the contested act or for the adoption of interim measures. The proceedings in the principal action before the Court of Justice shall then be suspended until such time as an express or implied decision rejecting the complaint is taken.

5. Appeals under this Article shall be investigated and heard as provided for in the Rules of Procedure of the Court of Justice of the European Communities.

Annex R4  –   Legal advisory service

We have three Belgian lawyers who give free legal advice on all subjects relating to your private and personal life. This service is available to all staff and their families. It is also available to retired staff.  

Belgian lawyers are available to give you free advice on any problems relating to your private life in Belgium. This service is available to members of the personnel, their families and to pensioners of the Commission, Council, Comity of Regions, Economic and Social Comity.

How to make an appointment?

Appointments (PLB 3 1/121) can only be made by calling the Welcome Bureau,

Tel +32 2 29.66600   (9h00-12h00 and 14h00-16h00)

It is not possible to contact the lawyers without prior appointment.

You will be allotted an appointment of 20 minutes, in the morning (9h00-12h00), and you may have up to 4 consultations per year. Telephone appointments are also possible, where the lawyer will call you at the appointed time.

You can also consult by email at the following address:
Emails will be treated strictly by order of arrival.

Please note that:

  • These lawyers cannot, however, help you with your personal problems concerning the Commission; neither can they represent you legally.
  • The waiting list to get an appointment is approximately of 10 days.
  • It is not possible to contact our lawyers without prior appointment.

The pensioners of the European Parliament in Brussels can consult the lawyer of the E.P. by calling the Staff Info Desk : Tel +32 2 28.41600.

E-mail :

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg offers legal advice and mediation service free of charge to anyone facing any legal problem linked to Luxembourgish legislation.

The CAS (Comité des activités sociales des institutions et organes de l’Union européenne à Luxembourg) has thus decided not to resume the services of the interinstitutional legal adviser, also taking into account the very limited number of requests received.

The legal information is offered free of charge during and individual and confidential meeting with a competent person from the General Prosecutor’s office.

Opening hours :

From Monday to Friday: without appointment, from 8h30 to 12h00 and from 13h00 to 16h30.

Monday morning: with appointment.


Cité Judiciaire

Bât. BC

L- 2080 – Luxembourg

Tél. +352 475981 – 600

Email :

Legal documentation:

  • The lease contracts in Luxembourg
  • The property purchase in the Grand-Duchy
  • The marriage contract in the Gran-Duchy of Luxembourg
  • The tax position of European Union officials and servants in Luxembourg
  • The divorce procedures in Luxembourg

Mediation service of the Commission

Mediation Service of the Commission (Secretariat General – Brussels)

  • Mrs Flaminia BUSSACCHINI, Head of Unit; mediation service 
  • BERL 08/248 –  Tel. +32 2 29.69488
  • Mr Georgios MEZELAS, Deputy Head of Unit

BERL 08/248 –  Tel. +32 2 29.62908 


  • Mrs A. Milabi :           +32 2 29.90264  – BERL 08/255 

Policy Officer

  • Mme De Marliave Diane

               BERL 08/253 Tel +32 2 29 52577

  • Mme Tomboy Christine

BERL 08/250 Tel +32 2 29 62497

The Ombudsman visits Luxembourg regularly to see staff who are coming up with problems in connection with the staff regulations or their contract with the institution, or conflicts with the hierarchy (classification, promotion, mobility, etc.).

Staff are informed of his visits in advance by DG HR. If you want to make an appointment, please contact  the Mediator in Brussels.

Brochures and documents   (Available on MyIntracomm)

These documents are also available on paper at the Commission Welcome Office,          

Rue Montoyer 34, mezzanine,  from 8h30 to 16h30  /  Tel. +32 2 29.66600.

Email :

or, on written request, at the SEPS secretariat :


Legal status of expatriate officials and their families

Name, nationality, marriage, cohabitation, matrimonial property regimes, separation and divorce, parental arrangements and maintenance obligations: these are all things that can get more complicated if you are living abroad. Which law applies? Which is the competent court? May non-officials – retired officials, students, citizens of the new Member States, their spouses, partners and children – reside freely in Member States other than their own and work there? 

Existing documents on MyIntracomm

  • Buying  property  
  • Building or renovating  
  • Rental contracts
  • Living in a co-owned dwelling
  • Employing a cleaning lady
  • The family under Belgian law
  • EU official and their families under private and European law
  • EU official and taxation
  • Inheritance
  • Legal protection insurance
  • Travellers’ protection
  • 2 years guarantee

[1]        Please tick as appropriate. In the case of requests for assistance (Art. 24), please also attach the complementary information form

[2]        Where the same request/complaint is submitted by several people, a list of the names and administrative addresses of each of them should, if possible, be attached

[3]        Please enclose a copy of the decision challenged.