We arrived in Spain by car before the lockdown and are willing to come back to Belgium after April, 20th. Will we be allowed to drive through France and come home? Will web e quarantined ? Our daughter is living with us. Will she be quarantined too ?

As far as you are concerned:

  • About driving through France and coming home: you should ask this to the Belgian Foreign Affairs.
  • The risk to which you could expose your daughter: In theory, yes. Risk is linked to the area where you stayed in Spain (Covid19 epicenter or not). How have you been feeling the past 15 days ?  Have you complied to the lockdown regulations in Spain ?  Do you believe you have been in contact with infected or ill persons or not (knowing that it is estimated that 40 to 50% of the infected persons show no symptoms)?
  • Also, due to the unavailability of screening tests, it is wise to quarantine yourself for 15 days upon your return.