Futur maneger of Hospi Safe


The management contract for the complementary health insurances to JSIS, offered by AFILIATYS, namely HOSPI SAFE and HOSPI SAFE+, concluded with CIGNA in January 2010, will end on 31 December 2019.

AFILIATYS launched a tender, in accordance with the rules and regulations, to identify the best management proposal possible, in financial and service terms, for these insurance policies.

Following a rigorous comparison of all the offers received, ALIANZ CARE has been selected. This company will therefore assume the management of HOSPI SAFE and HOSPI SAFE+ from 1 January 2020 onwards.

ALLIANZ CARE will take over the entirety of current insurance contracts with their beneficiaries, under the same terms and conditions as are currently in force, including possible existing exceptions.

As from 1 January 2020, the management of all the insurance files of affiliates to HOSPI SAFE and HOSPI SAFE+ will automatically be taken over by ALIANZ CARE, without the need for any formality on the part of the beneficiaries, except for those who would prefer to cancel their insurance policies rather than have them managed by ALLIANZ CARE; they will need to notify their decision formally.

As from 1 January 2020:

– The complementary health insurance policies to JSIS offered by AFILIATYS will remain unchanged, except for one additional option:

– HOSPI SAFE: no change, complementary cover to JSIS to cover hospitalisation following illness or an accident
– HOSPI SAFE ILLNESS: new option covering hospitalisation as a result of illness only
– HOSPI SAFE+: no change

– The insurance premiums agreed for 10 years for these three options (Cf table hereunder) will remain unchanged after 61 years of age (instead of the current 67 years), apart from the annual indexation based on the EUROSTAT index or in the case of a technical (negotiated) amendment after 5 years.
– A medical questionnaire will no longer be required for new affiliates to any of the policies available (as is currently the case), except during the 6 months preceding retirement.
– Subscription to these policies can be undertaken until the date of retirement (and no longer, as is currently the case, no later than 6 months before retirement).
– The reimbursement procedures remain identical to those currently in force with strict parallelism between the rules of JSIS and the contractual rules of the complementary insurance. The complementary reimbursement that ALLIANZ CARE will make is based strictly on the reimbursement statement issued by JSIS.
– ALLIANCE CARE will set up a “single counter” which will provide a personalised processing of files, centralise the requests for reimbursement and any pertinent questions, whether these are submitted by letter or by email. ALLIANZ CARE will also answer any oral questions from affiliates, every working day at its offices located at 2 rue du Samedi, near the Place De Brouckère in Brussels and also periodically at the AFILIATYS offices in Luxemburg.
– ALLIANZ CARE will set up this information, management and operational system by calling on insurance brokers, duly specialised in these areas, to whom affiliates, as also those who would like to become affiliates of any of the HOSPI SAFE options, can address themselves directly.

The present manager, CIGNA, will remain in charge until 31 December 2019, when the ALLIANZ CARE contract will take effect, which means:

– The reimbursement requests for costs incurred until that date will be addressed to CIGNA
– The insurance premiums which become due during 2019 will continue to be paid to CIGNA

AFILIATYS, in permanent contact with ALLIANZ CARE and CIGNA will keep affiliates informed of the progress of this transition.

Taking into account the General Regulation on the Protection of Data (GRPD) n° 2015/679 which came into effect on 25 May 2018, for the good processing of your requests for complementary reimbursement, it will be your responsibility to provide ALLIANZ CARE with your personal data.

For any questions relating to this change of administrator, you can consult the websites created for this purpose by Afiliatys (www.afiliatys.eu) and by SEPS/SFPE(www.sfpe-seps.be). .
Annual premiums on 01.01.2020 (taxes included)

HOSPI SAFE (Hospitalization illness/accident)

age 0-2 3-18 19-35 36-50 51-60 61+
Prime annuelle (€) 0.00 72.33 86.78 130.15 173.56 242.99

HOSPI SAFE ILLNESS (Hospitalization due to illness only)

age 0-2 3-18 19-35 36-50 51-60 61+
Prime annuelle (€) 0.00 52.51 64.21 96.15 128.32 178.41

HOSPI SAFE PLUS (Hospitalization and out-patient treatments)

age 0-2 3-18 19-35 36-50 51-60 61+
Prime annuelle (€) 0.00 525.07 642.07 961.51 1283.20 1784.13