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Sysper Pensions vers Sysper Post Activity

Sysper sera également disponible pour les chômeurs des Institutions et Agences de l’UE. Pour cette raison, nous avons modifié le

HR-TELE-CARE +32 (0) 229 54000

The COVID-19 pandemic situation affects us all. If you feel the need to talk to someone because you feel lonely


Protect yourself online and in real life

The Internet is a useful and practical tool; however, caution is required when using it. Always protect your passwords and

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COVID-19: Doctor Taniyel Dikranian, Afiliatys Medical Expert, answers your questions

Please find below a selection of the questions received on afiliatys’ dedicated email address aimed at answering your questions linked

Information  concerning the latest developments relating to the COVID-19 epidemic 

Dear Sir/Dear Madam, Following certain significant developments, we wish to share with you some information concerning the COVID-19 epidemic. We

COV – 19 : Information letter for retired

Communication aux pensionnés – NL Communication aux pensionnés – IT Communication aux pensionnés – FR Communication aux pensionnés – EN

Duty service at N105 00/010

For members who want to pose questions or obtain an appointment, volunteers are present at the office to answer questions

The December 2019 – January 2020 bulletin is available

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General meeting and information Meeting  & Christmas lunch

Au Repos des Chasseurs Avenue Charle-Albert, 11 1170 Bruxelles (Boitsfort) +32(0)26604672 Thursday 5 December 2019   According to the traditional pattern: from 10:30

The October 2019 bulletin is available

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